Web Development

I had a dream... in 2004 I started a web development company that evolved into something else. And now its dead... Xpanse is dead and never coming back! *sobs of pain*... but here are some sites from back when it was alive:

Wilkinson Construction and Planning

A site for my brother. Of course it was the lowest costing site and simultaneousely the most challenging. What is family for?


London Mesotherapy Center

Quite a nice looking site i think. Although maybe its allthose pretty ladies that does it, because the layout is rather simple.


Book Savers

A good little site. Lots of flash animation in here, and well tuned to the target audience in my humble opinion. Enjoy :)


1st Driver

A large website promoting the driving school 1st Driver including information services and advice. XML driven flash navigation, and shopping cart integration.



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