Some of my music for your listening pain pleasure. There is a rather large range of styles here, and I suspect you will find at minimum one track that offends you. Do not worry though, if you don't like it just check out the next track. I'm sure you'll find something you enjoy. If you like all of them, please get in contact with me because you probable suffer from the same madness I do.

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Some stuff for you to read while you listen

Music composition has been a massive part of my life since I was about 10 years old. I used to 'try' and make up tunes on my PC, using my Ad Lib GOLD sound card and cakewalk lite (I think I won it in a christmas cracker?)

So, many years later and my music still sounds like it was made on a Casio keyboard, but I think that's fashionable now, right? I'm still looking for some big comission based company to take me on. Interested?send me an email. I am currently a registered composer for Focus Music, which is going ok.

I am available for comission work. Just get in touch for more info.

How to Circuit Bend

So - you must be liking the music to stay on this page so long. To keep your eyes entertained while your ears are being, I'll talk you through how to do some corcuit bending:

  1. Get a cheap, old keyboard
  2. Open it up (with screwdrivers) and get at the circuit board
  3. Put some batteries in (NO MAINS POWER PLEASE!) and start playback. The demo works quite well.
  4. Get some raw wire, and start connecting random terminals together! If it breaks, just turn the power off and on again.
  5. When you have an interesting sound, mark off the two terminals and solder 2 wires on there. One for each terminal (twist them together so you know whats for what terminal.
  6. Keep doing step 4-5 till you get bored. Then solder up some switched or capacitors or potentiometers onto these terminals.
  7. Put the whole thing back together (if you can).
  8. Spraypaint your new keyboard a horiffic colour.
  9. Make some mad noises!
  10. Dont blame me when you plug your extreme quality hi-fi into that mess of a keyboard you just made and it blows up!
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