In Action!

My Dissertation! Its an Interactive Music System for. Check it out in action with this video, and I'll explain how it works underneath. Listen to how the music gets more he shoots. Eventually it should change mood depending on what the user is doing (being stealthy etc)

Sounds a bit samey at the moment because its only responding to gun fire. When the system is fully integrated into Wolf, it should contain much more moods as in the example below.

I'm hoping to get a demo with other players in. Should be a bit more convincing...

How it works

Music is selected and organised from a database of samples. Each sample has a mood and when the mood of the system is close to the mood of the sample, it is queued for play.

So where does it get its mood from?

The mood of the engine is based on game events. Events are sent into the system, and then translated into moods by two systems. The more complex of these is the Emotion Subsystem. Lets look at the simpler one first though:

Reaction Subsystem

Game events come in, and a lookup table simple sais how to change the mood. There is then a gradual time-dependant falloff that restores the mood to sero. Simple right?

Before you get bored, you should check out the video below. The 3rd window represents the Reaction Subsystem which changes at regular intervals. This is because the simulation environment is sending regular, random events to the IMS system. Each bar represents an emotion - it will make sense later. I promise

Cellular Subsystem

To stop the music sound samey all the time, the cellular subsystem evolves the emotion of the engine on its own. It uses cellular automata based on a varying truth table to create a 'liquid brain'.

This emotional state output with the Reaction Subsystem's output and combines in the Playback Subsystem:

Playback Subsystem

This is the second window along. It holds a 3 dimensional space with samples inside it. The moving sphere is the existing emotional position. The larger the sphere, the more excited it is, and the more samples it activates.

For more info on how this Interactive Music System works, feel free to contact me.

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