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Personal Information

Name: Marcus Wilkinson DOB: 18 May 1982
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PhD Music Decomposition (Near Completion)

Research Area: Separation of music into its constituent parts (Music Unmixing / Blind Audio Separation). Independent and collaborative research, attending of conferences in the latest methods of music/audio analysis.

Key Techniques Used: Machine Listening, psychoacoustics, DSP, Component Analysis, Subspace Analysis, Fourier and Wavelet Analysis, Filters, Soft computing including Artificial Neural Networks, Self-Organising Maps, Markov Chains, Fuzzy Logic

Msc Games Programming

Modules: C++ Programming and Design, Real-Time Computer Graphics, Game Architecture, Simulation & Distributed Computing, Advanced Game Development, Games Programming and AI.

Software: Graphics and audio programming for a rock climbing game as part of a group project. Physics and AI based table air-hockey game. Shader demos.

Dissertation: Interactive Music System (IMS): A music generation system for use within a game. Developed to enable modular, and tagged music elements to be arranged and mixed during game runtime. It incorporates a Liquid Brain using Cellular Automata to allow for evolutionary music. Ideal demonstration required modification of the game ‘Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory’. The source code alterations include a ‘game event’ listener which connects to the external IMS dll.

BSc(Hons) Computer Science

Relevant Modules: Software Engineering with Group Project, Data Structures and Algorithms, Software Development, Computer Architecture and Systems Software, Foundations of Human Computer Interaction, Symbolic and Declarative Computing and Artificial Intelligence, Computer Communications and Networks, Introduction to Web Technologies, Intelligent Network Agents, Database Systems, User Interface Development, Graphics and Image Processing

Secondary Education

A Levels: Maths (B) - Physics (B) - Design & Technology (C)

GCSEs: 5A’s, 3B’s

Software Skills

Programming: Experienced Object-Oriented Programmer committed to continually furthering my skills: C++ (DirectX, .NET, OpenGL, OpenAL), C#, Java, Visual Studio, Eclipse, Matlab, Linux (Ubuntu)

Music:Cubase (SX), Emagic Logic, Soundforge, Wavelab

Web:Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Actionscript (2&3), Web Services, PHP, XML

Projects History

Portsmouth University

Project Description: A multi-sensory intelligent immersive interactive environment that reacts to the unique user and allows that user to create expressions of their own sensory experience. Developed for children towards the non-verbal range of autism. Funded by a parent group and various international bodies. Overseen by internationally accredited psychologists.

Responsibilities: Key contributor to group meetings, working closely with a group of international collaborators. Developing back-end software and hardware that would control the multi-sensory environment as well as finding creative solutions to unique requirements. Web services using Java and SOAP. Conceptual challenges of representing cross-modal sensual data (e.g. mapping gesture input to audio output).


Goals: Helping start-up businesses get off the ground

Responsibilities: Communication of specialised concepts to non specialist audiences. Promotion of the client company including web development and various marketing material design. Subcontracting and managing larger projects. Bespoke software development for some clients.



  • Music composer/producer (registered with Focus Music and PRS): Internationally published commercial music in UK, Japan, USA (TV and Radio Adverts, Daily TV shows etc.)
  • Classically trained piano and clarinet player (Grade 8 piano performance)
  • 3D Modelling/Animation Hobbyist: 3DS Max, Maya
  • Member of MENSA UK
  • Maths Challenge: 1x Best in School, 1x Gold, 4x Silver
  • Hobbies: Swimming, Online Gaming, Circuit Bending, Cooking, Films


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