Rock Climbing Game

So here's an into animation I did for a group project at Hull Uni. You can download the full Rock Climbing game. Our group was B (out of a randomly assigned A-D) and someone had the genius idea of calling us team 'Belief'... I then extended that genius idea by having a motif of B-Leaf... (from acorns grow great trees - or something). My contribution was all the artwork: original models and animation and original music too. It took me about 2 weeks to make. Enjoy!

And there you go...

Wilkinson CP

Next up is an intro animation from my brothers' website Wilkinson Construction and Planning.This also took about 2 weeks to do. I got a stock image of a 3D building and animated that assembling in 3D. Before that you see a 2D architectural drawing being constructed. That was made by painstakingly unmasking a real architectural drawing, then imported the final drawing in to the 3D environment.

Just click the link to view the animation, because of how it is made, its difficult to embed here. Enjoy it!




For Wilkinson CP I also did some architectural drawings. Working from measurements taken onsite, I was responsible for making sure that the plans were accurately taken


Here are some